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Send Unique Bulgarian Gifts to Bulgaria

Do you have friends and family in Bulgaria? Want to send them amazing local gifts? cadeaux bulgares has it all: whatever be the occasion, we have a gift for every reason and season! Take a look at our local Bulgaria gift collections and pick the best ones for your loved ones.

1. Local Bulgaria Gift Baskets

Bulgaria Gifts has partnered with some of Bulgaria’s best artisans, chefs and local entrepreneurs to bring your a premium selection of local gift baskets. The Classic Bulgarian Gourmet Local Foodie Basket is one such assortment of local Bulgaria products from various vendors. Filled with great local preserves, chocolates and food compliments, the contents are always changing because we are constantly hunting around for great local food artisans, but your recipient is guaranteed to discover the difference that local makes. This gift basket comes in 4 sizes to accommodate every kind of budget.


Social Impact Bonus: Inside this gift your recipient will also discover that with every Urban Gourmet Local Gift Box ordered, Bulgaria Gifts will donate $5 to the Bulgaria Food Bank.

Cheese improves the flavour of life.” So make someone’s day better by gifting them this Cheese and Deli gift basket by Bulgaria Flowers. This assortment of gourmet cheeses, deli meats and goodies is also available in 4 sizes.

For more options on local gift baskets, see our collection.


2. Party Planner’s gift bag

Planning to host a spring or summer party? Or simply a get together for friends and family? We have the perfect party accessories to keep the young party animals engaged.

Challenge your clever party guests with a variety of brain teasers and puzzles in this exceptional Smart Pants loot bag.


Loot Bag Lady also offers the Sporty Simon package that is ideal for the young sports enthusiast at your party.



 Women’s Day in Bulgaria

Send local gifts to your mom, grandmom, sister, stepmom, girlfriend or friend who live in Bulgaria to wish them a happy mother's day.

Its spring in Bulgaria. Send your mom this lovely Spring Flowers and Tea In A Mug. This gift includes wildflower seeds, David’s tea and artisanal marmalade.



The Sofia Gourmet Local Foodie Box with Wine comes with a bottle of local Domaine Perrault wine and local preserves, chocolates and food compliments.



For more Mother’s Day gift ideas, see our collection or read our gift guide to celebrate mother’s day this year.




Send them to someone as a birthday gift, as congratulations or simply to say you’re thinking of them.

Send congratulations from the cupcake lounge with The Congratulations Box. Celebrate graduation with a gift box of 12 beautifully decorated and delicious cupcakes; 6 chocolate chocolate and 6 red velvet.



Bulgaria Lounge also offers The Gift Box for the special someone in your life. Say "I love you" with a packaged gift box of 12 beautifully decorated and delicious cupcakes. The gift box comes in 3 flavors.



Visit our website for more gifting options. Our fast and friendly gift delivery service works exclusively with locally owned businesses and provides 7 days a week gift delivery to Bulgaria, Gatineau, Nepean, Gloucester, Orleans, Kanata, Riverside South, Finley Creek, and Manotick. Whether you're in Bulgaria or USA, Australia or Asia, Africa or Europe, send local gifts to your loved ones in Bulgaria from anywhere!

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