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How to Make and Send Great Gift Baskets to Bulgaria

How to Make and Send Great Gift Baskets to Bulgaria

Your gift baskets can be full of edible items, hobby stuff, wine, books
or anything that will be appreciated and used by those who are lucky
enough to receive one of the baskets.
Your shopping experiences will never be the same because you’ll
always be looking for great deals to fill and decorate your baskets
The main thing to think about when considering putting together a
gift basket is to Enjoy the Process!

For the person who creates and bestows gift baskets on friends and
family, they can be unique expressions of love and thoughtfulness –
designed to wow the receivers and make them smile.
If you decide you have a knack and a true love for creating
exceptional gift baskets you may want to consider a home business.
The word will get around about your baskets and your friends, family
and neighbours will all be delighted to be able to call on you for gift
Expand your home business by creating a website and selling your
baskets online. It’s so very easy – especially after the website is up
and running.
Gift Basket Themes
There’s an almost unending amount of ideas for gift basket themes.
Besides birthdays, holidays, graduation and hobbies, there are truly
novel ideas for a one-of-a-kind basket.
Here is a list of unique gift basket themes that you may have
• Retirement – Baby boomers are now retiring in droves.
You can create an amazing gift basket for retirement by considering
the person’s hobbies (fishing, traveling, camping, boating, reading)
and gathering items that would fit the theme.
• Gourmet Cooks – What chef wouldn’t enjoy receiving a basket filled
with items such as exotic spices, cooking wines and vinegars and fun
There are so many fun “toys” that a cook would enjoy that it won’t be
difficult to gather them.
• Spa – A new mother or any deserving person would be thrilled to
receive a basket of relaxation spa items such as aromatherapy candles
and lotions, warm footies, gift certificate for a massage or mani-pedi
and fun things for the bath – including a CD of relaxing and
therapeutic music.
• Golfer – Golfers always need extra tees and balls for their sport.
But, you can also find unusual items such as monogrammed towels,
energy bars, sunscreen, lip balm and other items that every golfer
should carry in his or her bag.
• Confined – Do you know of someone who is either temporarily or
permanently confined to a wheelchair or bed?
A gift basket of items to help make his or her life easier can be done
with thoughtful things such as earphones, comfy slippers,
subscription to a magazine, ultra nice cushion and more.
• Football Fans – Gifts abound for those friends and family members
who are football addicts and you can outfit a gift basket as a hostess
gift, birthday or any other holiday that requires a gift.
Think about snacks such as microwave popcorn, a six-pack of beer or
soda, hat with a team logo.
Just let your imagination soar and think of ways to create your
own themes for any gift-giving dilemma.
Gift Basket Trimmings and Treasures
Don’t rush out at the last minute to find bargains on basket trimmings
and gifts.
Shop all year round for the themes you love, such as Christmas,
birthdays, Easter, weddings, showers and any others you can think of.
Stock up on these items when they’re on sale and always have a ready
supply of items to create with.
Check your local advertisements – especially hobby stores – for ‘after
holiday’ sales on ribbon, cellophane, bows and other items that you
can always use.
Also, find suitable basket fillers for theme baskets such as gardening,
baking, spa and golf aficionados.
You can even make up baskets ahead of time and have them ready for
hostess gifts or unexpected events.
Gift baskets are great to give as donations to a favorite charity for an
auction, fund raising events and raffle prizes.
Try Amazon for an amazing array of inexpensive trim and gift ideas
for your gift baskets and stock up when you find a great deal.
Amazon is a great resource for trimmings and gifts.
Assembling a Theme Gift Basket
Putting together a theme gift basket is the fun part.
Here are some ideas to get you started and then go wild with your
own ideas.
1. Theme – Vegetarian
Basket, Cooking Pot or Bowl
Vegetarian cook book; kitchen utensils, dried beans, trail mix and
some of your favorite veggie recipes.
Finishing Touches:
Pour peanuts or pistachios around the larger gifts to protect them –
and the recipient can eat the filling.
Tissue shreds are also great fillers.
Wrap with cellophane (or not) or use a large amount of gingham
ribbon to bring it all together.
2. Theme -- New Mother
Basket, Tote Bag or Bucket
Soothing CDs, lotions, Aromatherapy candles, quick, but nutritious
snacks such as nuts, dried fruit and health bars.
Finishing Touches:
Cellophane is always a good wrapper for gift baskets, but think
outside the “basket” and perhaps wrap the entire gift with a fluffy,
monogrammed bath towel, topped with a big bow.
3. Theme – Crafter
A crafter’s storage container made from rubber or plastic.
Paints, crafter’s tools such as hot glue gun, craft knife and craft
If the crafter has a passion for a certain craft such as knitting, you
can prepare a project for him or her, complete with pattern and yarn.
Finishing Touches:
Complete the crafter theme by using cellophane and use crafting
items to decorate the outside.
Pine cones, ribbons and other crafter tools can be used to create a
crafter’s dream gift.
4. Theme -- Pet Lover
A pet “bed” makes a great gathering tool for presenting the gift.
Simply place the fillers in the pet bed and wrap it with cellophane.
If the gift basket recipient has a variety of pets, you can let your
imagination go wild and assemble cat and dog treats, fish food, leash,
snazzy collars, brush and toys.
Finishing Touches:
There are all sorts of items at pet, craft stores and online that you can
Tie up the basket or bed with a doggie leash or attach treats on the
outside to complete the look.
5. Theme – Christmas
Anyone can think of items that would suit a Christmas gift basket, but
be unique with your thinking.
Think about what the recipient likes to do and then design a basket to
suit hobbies, passions and the personality of the person.
Then, use a festive basket to assemble the treasures.
A bottle of good wine, crackers, cheese, hot cider mix and ornaments
are always great items for a Christmas basket.
If you have time, pack a tin with home- made cookies or fudge.
Aromatic Christmas candles also make great fillers.
Finishing Touches:
Cellophane and a big Christmas bow are all you need to top off this
much appreciated gift basket.
Themes for gift baskets are virtually unlimited.
There are books that you can download or purchase in “book” form
that will give you many more ideas.
Let your imagination run wild.
More Gift Baskets for Christmas Ideas
Christmas gift baskets have become very popular and they are an
excellent way of giving someone a variety of gifts.
You can even give a gift basket to an entire family, with something
for everyone inside.
Pre-made Christmas gift baskets are a quick solution, but if you have
some time on your hands go one step further and make your own
personalized gift basket.
This shows thought and caring on your part and your recipient will
just love that you went to all that extra effort.
You can put all types of gifts into your basket from foods, to bath
products to hobby and craft supplies.
If the person loves cooking why not include some bread, along with
recipes, different spices and some kitchen gadgets.
A gardener would enjoy a basket of gardening supplies, possibly a
subscription to a garden magazine with seeds and gardening gloves.
Any small holes in your customized gift basket can be filled with
small items. This is where your stocking stuffer ideas come in.
Add pens, socks, chocolates and even a lottery ticket inside.
A personalized Christmas decoration is another great idea. They can
hang it on their tree for years to come.
If you decide to purchase a Christmas gift basket this year, it can be
done at many online specialty stores or even locally in your
Once you start looking for gift basket ideas you will be amazed at how
much selection there is.
You might just possibly decide to go with Christmas gift baskets every
Get ideas (or take a shortcut) from the
ready made gift baskets here:
When I want to give a gift to friends who live in other countries, I
always choose to buy a lovely gift basket from amazon.
They always get delivered on time and in great condition, the
recipients just love them, and I love the convenience of gift giving by
shopping online.
On this page I will post some links to help you get ideas for what you
can put in gift baskets, as well as being able to buy any that catch
your eye.
And the extra bonus for you is that if you shop online from any of the
links to the products that I may feature here, you will usually save
money on what is normally charged in the stores, and you may even
get free shipping of them to your door!
WOMEN Gift Basket Ideas:
Spa-Therapy Kit RelaxCHECK PRICE
Spa-in-a-BasketCHECK PRICE
SENIORS Gift Baskets
Great CORPORATE and CHRISTMAS Theme Gift Basket
These CHRISTMAS gift basket ideas are just perfect!
You can also get some delicious ideas here for making a
GOURMET Gift Basket
Old World Charm Gourmet Food and SnacksCHECK PRICE
More ideas and instructions for how to
make gift baskets:
Below here I'll also load even more pages that give you descriptions
and instructions for how to make gift baskets for a wide range of
people and hobbies and interests and so on.
Just click the title links below to read more gift basket ideas:
Creating a Business from Gift Baskets
Offering online gift baskets can be made into a very lucrative business
if you love and really have a knack for making gift baskets –
especially if you can suggest or create unusual ones.
There are templates you can use to create a working website and
some hoops you have to jump through to get it up and running and
drive traffic (customers) to the site.
But, once it’s up and working you can relax.
Creating a blog for gift baskets and linking to your site is a great way
to drive traffic that will convert to sales for your site.
If you’re technically-challenged, look into having someone
trustworthy to set up a site and blog for you.
The cost is minimal compared to the amount of sales you’ll reap when
your website looks and functions great.
Look at other online websites for gift baskets and make notes.
Decide how you can improve on what’s already there.
Then, you’re on your way to doing what you love, being your own
boss and creating a business you can be proud of and supplement
your income with.
If you don’t want to go to the trouble of designing and building a gift
basket business, keep it as a hobby and just have fun with it.
Ask your friends and family to keep you informed about sales on
trimmings and other items that would be good basket items and store
them until ready.
Make up baskets ahead of time and they’ll be ready for unexpected
Christmas and birthdays happen every year, and you can be ready
without having to rush out and search for a gift that you end up
paying more for.
There are more tips here about how to sell handmade crafts
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Once you learn how to make Gift baskets you will quickly realize that
they are as much fun to plan and put together as they are to receive!
They can be treasure troves of unique and useful items that show the
recipient that you had him or her exclusively in mind when you
planned the basket.

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